About Transport Authority

Azad Kashmir Transport Authority and Regional Transport Authorities were constituted under the provision of Motor Vehicle Act 1971 section 46(1).


To provide safe, reliable, comfortable and affordable means of transportation.


Proper regulation of public transport through implementation of motor vehicle laws.

Business Rules

  • Administration of Azad Kashmir Motor Vehicles ordinance (excepting enforcement of provisions relating to control of traffic and inspection and checking of motor vehicles for the purpose of traffic control).
  • Matters related to Azad Jammu and Kashmir Transport Authority.
  • Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department.

Azad Kashmir Transport Authority

  • To control over Regional Transport Authorities.
  • Issuance/Renewal of Long/ Inter regional routes.
  • Issuance/Renewal of Fitness Certificate for Public Transport.
  • Joint Meetings/Surveys with Provincial Transport Authorities Govt. of Pakistan.
  • Appellant Authority, Regional Transport Authority.
  • Issuance/Renewal of License for Goods Forwarding Agencies.
  • Issuance/Renewal of B/C/D class Stand License.

Regional Transport Authorities

  • Issuance/Renewal of route permits for public transport within the division.
  • Arrival/Departure timings of Buses.
  • Scheduling and approval of public transport fares.
  • Appellant Authority Claims Tribunal.
  • Scheduling and approval of transport (Local & Inter Regional) fares.

Powers of Driving Test Board

According to Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1971 clause 8 to 16, Issuance, Renewal and Cancellation of driving license, the competent authority is SSP (Districts). MVES (Motor Vehicle Examiners) of the related divisions are appointed according to the Motor Vehicle rules of 1973 clause 8. MVES take driving tests of the candidates appeared for the tests. SSP (Districts) issue driving license to the candidates after MVES recommendations.

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Published: 01-06-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk