About Information Department

The Information Department of AJ&K was established in 1948 after the liberation of the state. Main purpose of the establishment of the department was to promote the policies of the government and to keep close liaison with the local, national and international press. To project the activities of the government, progress and development and national issues including the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir at all forums, the Press Information and Publicity department was created. Presently, internal and external publicity is being carried out by the Information Department of AJ&K/DGPR.

Information Department acts as the mirror of the government, and, at the same time, projects its image in the society through media organizations. In AJ&K, until a few years back, we had few newspapers and a state run Television (PTV) which could easily be handled by the information department. In recent years media has many forms such as print, electronic, cyber, transit etc. Media continues to progress and a mushroom growth of different TV channels and newspaper is observed in the county during last few years. Similarly, new methods develop for publicity and public relations. New techniques also emerged to write news, articles, messages, reports etc. Media coverage of events needs more facilities, equipment and staff to meet the current needs of time.

In the light of present day challenges governments are trying to cope with the excessive requirements of access to information and media management. Information department of AJ&K needs to be proactive and has to keep vigil all the time, as it has to deal with different issues. Broad-based coverage and projection of developmental activities both in public and private sectors in AJ&K to raise awareness among general public, promotion of Kashmiri art, culture, language across the globe and to mirror socioeconomic development of AJ&K across Line of Control.

Mission Statement

Effective and instant information and to promote government’s development and social policies by involving the beneficiaries in the decision making and nation building process thus contributing to the development of media sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


  • Promote cause of freedom movement.
  • Nullify Indian propaganda against just and peaceful struggle of freedom.
  • Project soft image of Kashmiris across the globe.
  • Project and promote the government policies and activities.
  • Conserve and project Kashmiris art, culture and historic heritage.
  • Promote positive values among the educated youth of Kashmir and to channelize their potential towards constructive activities and progressive programmes.
  • Introduce modern technology and trends in the performing arts (to cover both theater and film).
  • Expand the existing net-work of information sharing.
  • Preservation and protection of cultural heritage, inter-alia, through public private partnership.

Strategic Interventions

  • Strengthening and capacity building of Information Department.
  • Setting up of information and media center throughout AJ&K.
  • Preparation of documentary films ranging from technological to political and scientific themes.
  • Establishment of news agencies.
  • Setting up of press clubs.
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Published: 23-05-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk