About AJ&K Board of Revenue

The AJ&K Board of Revenue is the highest Court of appeal and revision in Revenue cases in the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is the controlling Authority in all matters related with the collection of land Revenue, Administration of the land, preparation and maintenance of records and any other matter relating thereto. The Board of Revenue is vested with general superintendence and control over all other revenue officers in the state. The following are the main functions of the Board of Revenue.


  • Provision of official and residential accommodation.
  • Replenishing of Transport.
  • On job training/ capacity building and career management.
  • Revenue Administration with a socio-developmental focus.
  • Income Generation and Enhancement.
  • Necessary Amendment/ Reforms in Land Laws.


  • Land Revenue Administration
  • Revenue field staff, District and Divisional Establishment matters connected with their recruitment, training, pay, allowances, promotions, leave, posting and transfers except those entrusted to S&GAD.
  • Compulsory acquisition of land.
  • Settlement and re-assessment.
  • Tenancy Laws and relations between landlords and tenants.
  • Livestock census and population census operational work.
  • Rehabilitation of refugees.
  • Evacuee property, its allotment, etc, as warranted by law, Policy formulation and monitoring of rehabilitation work of the calamities affected population.
  • Relief and Rehabilitation of LOC affected persons.
  • Land Commission.
  • Mangla Dam Affairs.
  • Colonization and disposal of state Lands.
  • Transfer of state land from one Department to another Department
  • Five Marlas Housing Schemes.
  • AJ&K Transport Authority
  • Computerization of Land Records – AJKLRMIS
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Published: 27-05-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk