About Auqaf Department

Even since the Muslims set foot on the soil of subcontinent, Masajid and Shrines have been not only source of inspiration and spiritual guidance but also the platform of religious learning and propagation of Islam through Liberal humanitarian and mutual brotherhood teaching of the saints.

Most of these Shrines and Masajid were waqf, the management of which was with voluntary local groups. To bring about improvement in the administration and management of Waqf, to look after the holy shrines in AJ&K, Auqaf Department was constituted as legal entity through Waqf.

Currently, the Dept. has 55 Shrines (Darbars) and 403 employees. The department collects the Income of the whole shrines and afterwards spends on its different construction projects, maintenance of shrines, alms-houses & salaries of the employees. The Auqaf department is administering 55 Darbars, has 3145 Kanals of Waqaf property & 1329 Kanals is under occupation of Auqaf department. The department has employment strength of 403 with 47 Gazetted & 356 Non-Gazetted employees.


To improve the standard of religious services and public amenities at shrines.

  • To provide a non-controversial platform for the promotion of religious harmony and unity.
  • To bolster the common believes and heritage.
  • To ensure better management of Waqf properties.
  • To play a pivotal role in the implementation of government policies with regard to holy places.
  • To give a welfare orientation to the department.
  • To propagate the teachings of sufi saints.
  • To maintain inter-religion cordiality.
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Published: 05-15-2016, Source: http://ajk.gov.pk